Welcome to The Lion’s Head Restaurant and Brewery! We are the realization of a dream by husband and wife team Shaun and Katja.

After getting married in beautiful Cape Town, we were inspired by the city’s vibrant culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and world-class food scene. We knew that we wanted to bring a taste of Cape Town to Amsterdam, so we set out to create a place where people could come to enjoy excellent South African-inspired food, hand-crafted beers, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

At The Lion’s Head, we take pride in offering a unique dining experience that combines the best parts of South African cuisine and service with a celebration of the international life that embodies Amsterdam. We believe that food and drink can bring people together, and we want our restaurant to be a place where old friends, new friends, and friends to be can come to connect and have a great time.

The name “Lion’s Head” is inspired by the iconic mountain that forms the dramatic backdrop to Cape Town. We chose this name to honor our roots and to pay tribute to the city that inspired us to pursue our dream of opening a restaurant.

With Shaun’s expertise in brewing and gastronomy, and Katja’s background in nursing and caregiving, we have all the ingredients for a fantastic dining experience. And as a proud South African and avid Springbok rugby fan, we couldn’t resist adding live sports to the mix. So whether you’re a fan of delicious food and drink, or just looking for a place to catch the latest game, The Lion’s Head is the perfect spot for you.

So come on in and join us at The Lion’s Head, where you’ll find a little slice of South Africa in the heart of Amsterdam. Whether you’re an old friend, a new friend, or a friend to be, we can’t wait to welcome you and share some delicious food and drink with you. Who knows, you might even meet someone who’ll change your life!