Our little brewery on the van Woustraat houses a 300L brew kettle with 4, 150L fermenters with around 7 rotating taps.

About The Brewer.

After attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy where I studied the boom in craft brewing, I decided this is something I loved and could do! At the end of the day brewing is like cooking, you can do it in your kitchen, anyone can brew, it just takes time and dedication. Anyone can make great beer! For the last 10 years I brewed almost every weekend, every opportunity. I brewed so much that eventually my lovely wife katja banished me from the house. This however was when Lions Head Brewing was born.

Our Beer Style

The brewing philosophy at The Lions Head is to create beers that tie beautify with our dishes. We like to take a German approach to brewing focusing on process and lightly hopped beers with easy drinkability. We want our beers and food to sing harmoniously providing a really great dining experience. That said we love IPA’s and you will always find a well balanced example of these on our beer list! Being a South African brewery, we love experimenting with fruit flavours, where our watermelon, guava and apricot wheats are local favorites!