The story of The Lion’s Head starts in 2014 where Shaun and Katja met in a small pub in Hamburg.


The circumstances or luck that brought them together at that exact time are filled with could haves and what if’s… Little did they know that this chance encounter would change their lives. The warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere of the pub they met in is something they’ll never forget.


Two years later they married in sunny Cape Town.


Inspired by Cape Town’s vibrant culture, its spectacular natural beauty and a food scene that rivals the best in the world, they made a promise to each other to start a restaurant and bring the Cape Town food culture to Europe!


They wanted to recreate that magical experience in Hamburg and together imagined a place where a warm caring atmosphere, excellent South African inspired food and hand-crafted beers could create the perfect setting for similar encounters. A place to meet up with old friends, new friends and friends to be…


With Shaun’s expertise in brewing and gastronomy and Katja’s background in nursing and caregiving, all of the boxes for excellent food, drink and hospitality were ticked. And as a proud South African and massive Springbok rugby fan, Shaun knew that rugby and live sports would have to be a huge part of the plan.


In 2018 they opened The Lions Head in the heart of Amsterdam, named after the iconic mountain that forms the dramatic backdrop to Cape Town.


The Lion’s Head is much more than great food and beer!  When you walk in, it’s like coming home, irrespective of where you’re from. The Lion’s Head takes some of the best parts of South African cuisine and service and combines it with a celebration of the international life that embodies Amsterdam.  In the warm and welcoming atmosphere you might meet someone who’ll change your life… or simply have a great experience with our hand crafted beers, caring atmosphere and South African soul food!


Whether you’re an old friend, a new friend or a friend to be, we can’t wait to welcome you to The Lion’s Head!

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